Hi, I’m Ovidiu Puscas. But most people call me Ovi, for short. I started in the world of business quite young. When I was in 12th grade, I quit my job at the local Hungry Jacks (that’s Burger King, for the non-Australian’s reading this) and started doing freelance Graphic Design. Having to put myself out there to find clients and bring the work in, I had to quickly learn about the business world. I got a taste of it all and loved it.

Now, many years later down the track, I run Emmix Pty Ltd (a digital marketing company) and started a venture, with two other Directors in Sydney, called Volt Grid (specialised PHP/MySQL high-availability hosting). To be honest, I do get a thrill out of ‘starting’ something, but I’m also driven to see it through.

This blog here serves to document some of my thoughts and musings about the world we live in, insights I’ve gained about life and work, and different perspectives worth sharing. I look to blogs of the likes of Seth Godin’s and would like to see that one day, too, this blog will resemble something of his thought-provoking, eye-opening, digital readings.


Bachelor of Business, with majors in Management and Marketing.

I chose this specific degree because it had two vital elements for me – gaining knowledge about how to market (how to bring in customers or clients), as well as knowledge on how to manage (how to make things work, efficiently and profitably).

Working as

Founder and Director of Emmix Pty. Ltd. (http://www.emmix.com.au)

Emmix Pty. Ltd. is a digital marketing company with a focus on strategy, development and the ongoing management of an organisation’s digital assets. From building e-commerce websites to managing SEO and email marketing campaigns, we assist businesses to become profitable online.

A Co-Director of Volt Grid Pty Ltd (http://www.voltgrid.com)

Volt Grid is a specialised PHP/MySQL, cloud hosting company. Our talented engineers have developed a hosting platform that is lean and mean, with a focus on redundancy and high-availability – a services targeted to high-end digital magazines, large-scale advertising campaigns, and online software as a service businesses. This service is for those business that can’t afford to have downtime or a slow system.