Dad, husband, Christian. Former Digital Agency owner and now GM of ecommerce company, eShopping Group.

Hi, I’m Ovi. I’ve got the pleasure of working with a visionary founder and dream team of driven eCom aficionados. We’re scaling a collection of niche brands, building a diversified ecommerce group. We run 17 ecommerce stores across 4 regions.

I’m driven to understand the full breadth and depth of ecommerce businesses.

With an initial 10 year career specialising in websites and digital marketing, over the last 5 years I’ve since been on a mission to learn as much as I can about all facets of ecommerce. Going beyond marketing, I’ve become a student of leadership, people and culture, operations, warehousing, customer experience, finance and product.

My goal is to be an ecommerce expert generalist.

To know as much as I can about every department and role that makes up an ecommerce business, so that I can effectively lead teams of experts to scale ecommerce businesses profitably.

Business and eCommerce strategy

Working on the right things, at the right time and measuring progress with the right metrics. This is where the magic happens to scale profitably.

People and culture student

With every hire, forever learning about the nature of people and work, and the importance of being intentional about developing and nurturing culture.

Operations and systems

Getting far too excited about pickface cartons, shaving seconds off fulfillment processes, improving inventory accuracy and the tools that make it all possible.

Digital marketing

With my prior career focussed in the space, we’ve taken to building an in-house marketing agency as a shared service model in our eCommerce group.

Data nerd and analytics decipherer

With hundreds of data points tracked in eCommerce, knowing what to look at, what’s causing it or what it’s telling you, and then either knowing what to do about it or which questions to ask to move the needle is the science behind the art.

Web project development

Graphic designer turned web designer in my early career, having built 000’s of websites, I understand eCommerce design, UI, CRO, speed optimisation and balancing the intersect of design and development.

“Ovi is a rare example of a practical and helpful manager. I enjoyed working under his guidance in my eShopping Group life. Thanks to his trust and leadership, I learned practically everything I know now about systems integration and project management. He possesses a powerful combination of strategy management and innate leadership abilities. I recommend Ovi as a manager who can not only bring success to the company but also promote the personal and professional growth of team members.”

Lang Liu

Former Systems Administrator at eShopping Group

Watch this space.

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